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Maintenance & Tips

Bike Care

Bringing your bike in for maintenance is great, but here are a few tips that will keep your ride in tip top shape while in service.

  • This should go without saying, if you get it wet, dry it off. Frame, fork, wheels, chain and all. Many kinds of normal wear issues can be prevented just by simple weekly bike cleanings. Finish Line bottle of bike washSuper Bike Wash is what the shop uses for tune up cleanings and is available for purchase at the shop. Hose and water is not recommeded for the bearings.
  • Oil is not just oil. There are many varieties of chain lube including wax, teflon, silicone, ceramic and many more. Any oil that is not bicycle designed is not recommended for maximum chain life. White Lighting Clean Ride and Rock 'n' Roll Gold are some shop favorites. 
  • Do not overlube. Only lube your chain on a schedule (monthly, or bi-weekly for more frequent riders) or as needed if you notice a squeaky chain. Always wipe the excess lube off of the chain by rotating the cranks backwards and holding a rag around the chain. All the lube needed gets absorbed into the rollers, everything on the outside of the chain is just going to collect dirt and grime and shorten your chain life.lube selection chart
  • Check tire pressure before every ride to prevent pinch flats, especially you road bikers. 
  • Laying your bike down is okay if you have to, at Seagull Century thousands of carbon bikes are strewn about the ground. Just remember the chain side always faces up, and set it down gently.
  • Quick releases are not wing nuts. If your bike is equipped with quick release skewers, you can review proper wheel installation here with a video on the page as well.