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What Bike Is Right?

Where To Start

With all the tech craze these days and many varieties of bikes, looking to get into the sport can be a bit daunting. Have no fear! Here are some tips to get you started on your search

  • Hybrids-These bikes utilize a 700c wheel, the standard for road bikes. However they are offered with or without front suspension making them perfect for commuting, neighborhood rides with the kids, or even a leisurly sunday ride. Comfortable geometry and wider 700c tires make hybrids a popular pick.

  • Fitness Hybrids-Lose the suspension and add a couple of gears to the back and you have a competent flat bar road bike ready to tackle urban commutes, long rides and much more.

  • Mountain Bikes-26 Inch wheels? 650B wheels? 29ers? Whats right for me? The answer is yes. 26 inch wheels are still being used on entry level mountain bikes good for trail riding, college, or really anyone who knows they like to get a little dirty. However step up in size to a 650B or 29er and enjoy the benefits of a faster rolling wheel that holds more momentum. These wheels have an easier time rolling over objects and inspire confidence in veterans and newbies. They are not however as playful as a 26 inch wheel that might suit someone better who is looking for a more playful ride at a lower price. You can be sure with all the bikes on the market, your dirt scientists here at Salisbury Cycle know what you need.

  • Road/Triathalon Bikes-Aluminum? Carbon? Aero? Weight? Endurance? Again I say yes to women and men. Each of these materials and bike styles provides different amounts of compliance and comfort. Aluminum is going to give you that rigid powerful ride and carbon, which composes most of the upper end market are the two main materials used. Come see us and tell us what you want out of your ride!

  • Cruisers-Pretty simple here, Single, three, or seven speed options, fenders to match, Electra Flat Foot technology and caliper brakes or coaster brakes. Perfect for cruising the boardwalk or going for a ride around the town.

  • Comfort Bikes-Similar to mountain bikes with more relaxed geometry, 26 inch wheels with wider tires to inspire confidence. These bikes are made for one thing, to make you feel good while riding them. Very capable of being paired with a rack for someone who wants a commuter with a smaller wheel to more easily get that loaded bike up to speed.

  • Urban/Utility Bikes-These include everything from single speeds and fixies to transport bikes with frames that go above and beyond to carry large amounts of weight. We specialize mostly in the single speed category, however we can get utility bikes in stock, we just do not have as great of a need for them as we lack common bike messengers in Salisbury.

  • Kids Bikes-We offer a full range of 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch and 24 inch bikes to suit all your growing boy or girl's needs.

  • Specialty Bikes-These are bikes that we have in the store but do not necessarily keep a large stock of. These include cruiser style fat bikes, recumbents, folding bikes and full suspension mountain bikes.